Wednesday, February 10, 2010

River to River on Spring Garden

For photographing river to river on Spring Garden Street I decided to focus on things for sale. Everything I photographed was something that could be bought or sold. I took these photographs on Monday afternoon but unfortunately I was too sick to post until today.

This is the beginning of the trip. I had to use two maps because I tried for about two hours but every time I got past a certain number of destinations google maps froze up.

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This is the end of the trip. Please just zoom in/out to see spots A-C.
2:47 p.m.- Coke for sale at Delaware and Spring Garden.
2:55 p.m.- Entertainment for sale at Delilah's, 100 Spring Garden Street.
2:58 p.m.- PA Lottery tickets for sale at 2nd and Spring Garden.
3:00 p.m.- Fitness for sale near 2rd and Spring Garden.
3:01 p.m.- Bubble Tea and Asian food for sale at 3rd and Spring Garden.
3:03 p.m.- Groceries for sale at 4th and Spring Garden.
3:07 p.m.- Drinks for sale at Silk City on 5th and Spring Garden.

3:17 p.m.- Maternity care for sale at 6th and Spring Garden.
3:21 p.m.- Loan for sale at 7th and Spring Garden.
3:36 p.m.- Parking for sale at 8th and Spring Garden.3:29 p.m.- Paints and Wallcoverings for sale at 9th and Spring Garden.

3:32 p.m. - Police Equipment for sale at 10th and Spring Garden.
3:39 p.m.- Store for rent and clothes for sale at 1100 Spring Garden Street.
3:44 p.m.- Live chickens for sale at 12th and Spring Garden.
3:48 p.m.- Apartments for sale at 13th and Spring Garden.
3:54 p.m.- Nuts for sale at 14th and Spring Garden.
3:58 p.m.- Shoes and watches for sale at 15th and Spring Garden.
4:00 p.m. - Education for sale at 16th and Spring Garden.
4:06 p.m.- Food for sale at 17th and Spring Garden.
4:10 p.m.- Clothing for sale at the Wardrobe Boutique on 18th and Spring Garden.
4:12 p.m.- Funeral for sale at 19th and Spring Garden.
4:19 p.m.- Dry cleaning for sale at 20th and Spring Garden.
4:23 p.m.- Lofts for sale at 21st and Spring Garden.
4:27 p.m.- Food for sale at 22nd and Spring Garden.
Jose' has been making the food here, at 22nd and Spring Garden, for 26 years.
4:50 p.m.- River! The end.

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